Lakshmi Balakrishnan

Joined: 2013
Studied: Computer Science & Engineering at Cochin University and Advanced Computer Science (M.Sc) at University of Leicester
Interests: Japanese culture, Anime, Coding, languages

I have been given some really good opportunities to gain experience in the different areas across the company. Recently, I helped to automate the marketing communications of one of our largest clients. I am currently working in the Labs team where we help solve various technical challenges.

Mistie Roskelly

Client Service Team Leader
Joined: 2011
Studied: Ancient History at Edinburgh
Interests: Baking, books

I joined the company as a graduate in 2011, and since then have worked hard to become a team leader. I have 4 people in my team, and am responsible for mentoring and coaching them; ensuring they are continually learning and progressing.

Ellie Osborne

Project Manager
Joined: February 2016
Studied: Geography at the University of Birmingham
Interests: Discovering new and interesting places as well as enjoying good food and wine!

From day one you are given real responsibilities and the opportunity to get involved in live work, which is great! I am always interacting with different people across the business and different clients, as well as learning something new. This adds a good level of variety to every day and means no day is the same!

Leah Munting

Client Services Team Leader
Joined: 2011
Studied: English Language and Literature at Newcastle
Interests: Drinking tea, travelling & geocaching

I've been a team leader now for nearly two years, and the role continues to expand my skill set. From being the trainee asking questions, I now coach and mentor a team that work from project conception through to delivery and wash up.

Laura Moodie

Joined: 2012
Studied: Architecture at Bath
Interests: Baking, gym, art

The best thing about working at the company is the responsibility and variety you get in your role from the word go, with great opportunities to work on large client accounts and live business development projects. Having spent several years working as a client relationship expert, I've now progressed into a role in the planning team where I'll have the chance to develop new strategic skills and work with clients in the development and planning of their programme strategy.

Barney Knibb

Business Development Manager
Joined: 2011
Studied: Music and Law at Newcastle
Interests: Being a dad, piano, golf

After an initial stint as a project manager, I was successful in progressing into a role in business development. Now I'm dealing with major new enquiries, rallying teams from across the group to co-ordinate our response and working with senior colleagues to review and develop our own marketing proposition. I also manage a team of two responsible for generating our outbound marketing content. The great thing about Signal is that if you work hard and do well, the opportunities are there for the taking.

Sarah Isaacs

Joined: February 2016
Studied: Degree in English and Philosophy at Exeter University. Masters in English at Bristol University
Interests: Dressage, the countryside, and reading bucket loads of books.

Signal gave me the opportunity to work in several different roles before I focused on writing. This flexibility and support means I now have a breadth of experience across different sectors and business areas, as well as a more in-depth understanding of what it takes to be a copywriter.

Lucas Abbott

Joined: September 2015
Studied: Creative Writing at the University of Winchester
Interests: Music, theatre, writing and sports

Everyone at Signal has just been lovely since the day I joined. It’s great to work with people who are so supportive and who seem to genuinely care about your development. It’s an environment in which you’re encouraged to ask questions and think creatively, and you really feel like a valued member of the team straight away.

Sam Watts

Client Service
Joined: 2012
Studied: Business and Management at Exeter
Interests: Sport, Music, travelling

Right from the beginning the company gives you a level of ownership and responsibility not seen in many graduate roles. I've had the chance to work across a number of sectors and roles. I even did a secondment with a charity client, which was an amazing experience. Now, I work with one of our largest clients and have been promoted to a team management role where I'll be able to develop my leadership skills and challenge myself in a different way.