Putting data to work.

Applied data science

We take the insights of your data and brand planners… and translate their analysis into practical data-driven solutions. One specialism is in joining up online and offline data to respond rapidly to customers on the web in a more informed way. We also help marketers design decisioning rules within their databases that can a 'Next Best Action' approach across all channels.

Automated CRM workflows

We build integrated workflows, linking data processing and document composition, which are decoupled from print manufacturing and email broadcasting. This dramatically reduces operational risk, and creates the resilience and flex needed to cope with communication streams that can be highly volatile. Automated event-based and trigger programmes are a particular specialism.

Data management

We help our clients maintain and improve the quality of their customer data. This can include an audit of the data architecture of your current system, the input and output processes, through to 'health checks' on the data itself. Other services include standardisation, cleansing, applying segmentation flags, address enhancement through PAF, deduplication, and applying house file and industry suppressions.

Multi-channel personalization

Few suppliers can integrate digital channels with direct mail. Applying true 1-2-1 personalisation of the message across all channels as well – that's the unique point of difference that Brightsource offers. Having this capability is essential if you want to let customers choose the most appropriate channel for a particular message, and also serve them relevant and timely content.

Real-time reporting

In today's world, you need to keep track of campaign results as they happen. Brightsource can provide you with bespoke online dashboards – based on the metrics that you want to track campaign effectiveness and ROI in real-time. As more of your campaigns become multi-channel, our ability to pull online and offline results together in the same dashboard becomes more critical.