Managed services that deliver results.

Print management

We are one of the top 5 print managers, of those independent of manufacturing interests. We offer an innovative production service, using both technology-based and project management-based approaches. Our mission is to add value for marketers, and deliver cost reduction for Procurement, a combination that no other marketing services supplier has mastered.

Email management

Having generated highly personalized email content, we can broadcast this either through our own fully managed service, or by automated feeds into your own email service provider. We safeguard our sender reputation in order to maximize deliverability, promptly managing unsubscribes and bounces, and can fully customize tracking and reporting to your requirements.

Asset management

We can provide a range of web-based systems for clients to manage marketing collateral. These include online portals to view assets and manage versioning; templating systems for clients to 'self-serve'; through to online ordering and stock management. We also offer a fast and efficient artwork service across print and digital, with colour management to ISO standards to ensure brand fidelity.

Postal management

With our own access contract with Royal Mail Wholesale since 2006, and longstanding relationships with both Royal Mail Retail and the major upstream distributors, Brightsource is uniquely placed to optimize our clients' postage across a fast-moving and complex postal marketplace. We offer our own Brightpost DSA service, and also have many years' experience of managing international marketing mail.

Fulfilment and distribution

We offer the full range of warehousing and logistics services, including fulfilment within highly secure, APACS accredited facilities. Our focus is on driving down costs through minimizing the requirement for warehousing services and inventory – through online ordering, just-in-time delivery, demand analysis, better document management and rationalization, and using templating systems and print-on-demand to reduce the need for stock.